Saturday, May 30, 2009


The most versatile, sexy, elegant outfit for your summer, inspired by one of the most beautiful womans I met in SL.
Kay speaks of Oriental skies with its precious, luscious, soft silks, but it's also a comfortable swimsuit and a pretty day dress.
Born from the needs of the woman who loves to mix and match, to appear different at every time of the day just with some simple addons, imagined as the perfect addition to your closet, that will be your fashion friend from the morning in the beach until the night at the club.

Kay is composed by a glitter swimsuit, a jeans belt (jacket layer), half hand glitter gloves, bracelets (in both gloves and shirt layer), sleeves (in both shirt and jacket layer), glitchpants, cocktail skirt, long skirt and short skirt, all of them with sculpted flowers decorations, sleeves and neck decoration with sculpted flowers.
The possibilities of mix and matching are nearly endless.
Resize scripted.

I'm really proud of this outfit, I hope you all will enjoy it as I'm doing :)

Miamai Mainstore

Friday, May 29, 2009

Nekarthe_A new cyber outfit

The new born in our cyber line. A sexy and detailed outfit that will make you look like a space heroine.
Sexy shirt, sculpted jacket with animated texture, bangles and panties.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The charm of an old style diva, the freshness of the silk and cotton, that
formal look that makes it perfect for every situation, the sculpted short pants
that let you be cute too.
It's Retrograde, the new outfit that will allow you a wide and funny range
of possibilities of styling, without loosing the class, and always being the
sexiest around!

A piece I'm really enjoying a lot. The white of the shirt and the dark grey of the pants make it really easy to be styled in a lot of different ways.
And that pants look so cool with a sculpted stiletto ^_^

Composed by SIlk shirt, waist belt on jacket layer, short sculpted formal pants.

Lilys... The daydreaming wedding gown

I'm really proud to introduce you our new wedding gown.
A brocade and silk bodice, with a sheer laced undershirt, brocade and silk gloves, an amazing jeweled sculpted gown with a silk trail and sculpted flowers and petals like elements, pearls, and a wonderful flexy and sculpted, jeweled head dress.
And matching shoes with sculpted feet, color change for the skin and resizable, in white silk and gold brocade.
A one of a kind dress, that merges the sweetness and purity of the lily flower with the precious look of the pearls and the lusciousness of the gold brocade and the purest white silk.
The exceptional flexy of this gown will make you look like an aethereal, amazing butterfly in the day of your dreams.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Bonnette is the answer to your need of being formal but sexy.
The high waisted skirt goes with a silk shirt with sculpted sleeves, fresh and sweet.
It comes with two shades of socks.
The perfect stylish addiction to your closet.

Miamai Mainstore


Garbo... the immortal glamour of a diva for this formal catsuit, sculpted in the pants and chest, sexy and extremely fashion, be unique.

Miamai Mainstore

Butterfly and Amanthys

Sculpted pants with flared cuffs and soft belt around your waist, Amanthys and Butterfly pants are perfect to match the Butterfly jacket and let you start a game of seduction in a formal taste.
In a wide range of colours for your mix and match, they are great also with our Mariah Tanks.

Miamai Mainstore

Ex.Machina Cyber Couture

When Couture meets Cyber, you have this collection of high quality outfits and accessories for him and for her.
From complete outfits to catsuits, boots, cyber heels with sculpted feet, extraordinary hair and the amazing cyber ball gowns.

Miamai Mainstore


High quality jeans for the girl, sculpted, with a ripped texture that doesnt show the skin but adds detail and particulars to them, and extreely low waisted.
It's Stressed, available in a wide range of colours.

Miamai Mainstore

For the Guys

Some grunge-urban outfits for the males, in addiction to our collection.

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New Lingerie collection

New Lingerie collection at Miamai.

Precious fabrics, from lace to silk, amazing colours, 100% seduction.

Miamai Mainstore

Jolie is a colorful spring-summer dress, with a nice and sexy bodice that is attached to a cute silver necklace. The skirt is made of sculpted prims and flexy prims, for the highest design and perfomances.
It comes in a huge collection of colours to allow you to express yourself the best way.

Miamai Mainstore

Dreaming under the moon, dancing on a romantic melody...this is the spirit behind Midnight Reverie, a celebration of the movement and of the dance. The bodice is made of fresh cotton, and comes with garthers and socks. The skirt is extremely flexy, made of cotton and lace.
It comes in black, red, purple.

Miamai Mainstore


Precious baroque, sexy, opened on the breasth and back, with a laced overlay that adds mistery to it. The gown has a sculpted waist with gold jewels and flexy veils of brocade and lace.
Impressive, precious, charming.

Miamai Mainstore


Couture but with a grunge taste, this dress is open to a lot of different styling options, from posh to urban ones. The leather belt brings a touch of sexy look to the waist, the incredible flexy of the skirt will make you look like a dancing beauty, and let's not forget the delicate but incisive opening at the side, showing the garters and the socks.
Available in red, blue, brown and black.

Miamai Mainstore

Adventure_Casual Sequin

It has a touch of the steampunk taste we love, some sexy sequin and lace, and a passion for adventure. It's the new outfit for night and day, easy to be accessorized and styled, funny to wear in all your events.

Miamai Mainstore

Group Gifts!

May Group gifts.
For him: Azhrim includes jeans and shirt, a little grunge and versatile.
For her: cyber and fashion bangles, and Julianna: complete of skin, jeans, and tank top.
To get them, come at our Mainstore and wear the Miamai Group tag, click on the group gift boards and get them.
If you join our Subscribe-O-Matic Group, they will be automatically delivered to you.

Male Leather Pants and Grunge Shirts

Sexy Leather pants, extremely realistic and detailed, to go with some cool shirts in a grunge themed mood.

Miamai Mainstore

Male Denim And Shirt Collection

High quality textures and a sexy taste for our new jeans and shirt, exclusively for him.
The jeans are sculpted, perfect to fit every kind of shoes and boots style, and they have a sexy low waisted design.
The shirts comes with prim attachments for the collar and the sleeves, in amazing trendy colours, and they are really hot.

Male Denim, Male Shirts: Miamai Mainstore