Saturday, November 28, 2009


Suya is a delicate silk and embroidered chiffon gown, with an empire waist line and a wonderful flexy in the bottom.
The outfit comes with the sculpted sheer sleeves and the back trains, that attach to the shoulders thanks to little, jeweled sculpted roses.
A romantic dress for your elegant dates.
Available in 5 colors.

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New Add-ons

New addons for your closets, both casual and elegant!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Miss Outlander Daydreams

I just wanted to show you all some of my daydreams :p
All pics were took by me and photoedited/painted and all that stuff that I adore ^_^

I hope you will like them :)

Clothes? Miamai of course!

VERA... a dream gown

Vera is my new born for your closet. Completely handpainted velvet and chiffon, with a sensual, modern and luscious design, a slim but rich skirt thanks to the asymmetry and the sculpted drapery.
The sculpted collar will keep you warm in the cold winter days and nights, while adding a touch of charme to the whole ensemble.
Vera also comes in Special Collection, with handpainted silver decorations on the bodice and gown.

As always, Miamai Mainstore

New City Casual for Winter!

New releases for your Winter Casual needs.
MARY, a full body shirt made of precious's great with jeans and suits!
ABIGAIL, another shirt with long sleeves and that leaves your shoulder out. Made of ruffled velvet, it's great with jackets and warm in winter.
CYDONIA, sculpted pants, low rise, sexy and warm.

All available at Miamai Mainstore

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Rain of Gifts_Mini Hunt!

During this weekend, a mini hunt to celebrate the restyle of the Miamai Mainstore!
Find the 20 gift boxes hidden in the land and get the prizes!
Also, random prize giver running for all the duration of the event!

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