Wednesday, June 24, 2009


For the Miamai Ex.Machina Cyber collection, this new unisex stunning outfit.
This time you have an high quality texture work on the cloth layers (you get pants and pants for boots, the tank top in 3 dofferent colour versions, and the jacket) and a stunning, exclusive, innovative building work on the prim parts.
The right part has a sculpted feet and lower leg, the left part has a sculpted upper leg.
The upper body is composed by sculpted hand and forearm at right, sculpted arm at the left.
Sculpted collar and backpack.

All the prim parts are resize scripted and color change in their different components.
Cyb comes in two versions, the SkySystem one (black/silver) and the DesertRusted one (rust iron).

Miamai Mainstore

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fashion Show "SL Top Girls"

Fashion Show”SL TOP GIRLS”

Four premier designers Seven top models ONE DAY ONLY!
June 27 12pm SLT

Azul, Mami Jewell
Bliss Couture, Amutey Decuir
Nardcotix, Nardya Rousselot
Phoenix Rising, Ashoka Eales

Anessa Stine, Cherie Parker, Laura18 Streeter, Mimmi Boa
Mui Mukerji, Payton Heron, Poptart Lelliehook

Show Director:Kay Fairey

This is something you really dont want to miss!

Here is the landmark for the event

Styles of Edo Blog

I introduced a Profile Pic Reward for Miamai Mainstore.
If you like my creations, please consider to add my store to your pics.
Allow 24/48 hours for the profile to be updated, then come back and grab your gift by clicking on the Profile Pic Reward sign (it's located near the landing point).

The gift I created is Cutesy, a nice party dress, in a sophisticated soft tissue with silver decorations, with a sculpted bow, and an asymmetric skirt with flexy and sculpted veils.
This dress is exclusive for the Profile Pic Rewards, so this is the only way to get it.

From time to time I will change the Profile Pic Reward gift, so please dont forget to join our group in order to stay updated!

Thank you!

Miamai Mainstore


MouMou is a sexy minidress in velvet and lace, with a bodice that is also a nice piece of lingerie and a mini flexy skirt.
Young and fresh, cute, simple but glamour.

Miamai Mainstore


Elegance, simple design, a touch of sexy skin, and pailettes because we love to shine!
Here is my new creation, a simple but fancy outfit that is all about summer and feeling an hot diva.
Available in 4 colours and with matching sculpted belt included.

Miamai Mainstore

Hair Hair Hair and Buns!

I'm really glad to show you the new hair I created.
First thing to say about them all, is that they are color change scripted. This means that you buy them once and enjoy them for your whole life (lol!), being you blonde, red, or brown... and grey :D
Then... I created these funny funny buns. They have two ways to be worn.
You can wear a skin that has a hairbase (for example, I use to wear a redgrave with dark hairbase) and wear the bun with it. You will have an extremely realistic bun, really glamorous, elegant and... no hair that pokes on your forehead!
You can also wear your favorite prim hair, and wear the bun on chin attachment. It's a great and funny way to renew your hairstyles!
In the pack both skull and chin attachment are provided.

About the new hairstyles, Sonata and Antoniette...what to say except that they are the more crazy and eccentric hairstyles I created so far?
They are color change scripted, sculpted, and with an innovative design.

Demos of buns and hair are available at Miamai Mainstore, in the Accessories section.

Miamai Mainstore

Fantasy Skin

Et voilĂ ...a new gift!
This fantasy sweet skin is free for everybody at Miamai Mainstore.
I enjoyed the creation of it, the painting of that pinkiesh makeup came out really nice in my opinion.
I hope you too will like it.

Miamai Mainstore


Artemis is an elegant night dress, with a simple, classic design, enriched by an opening on the right leg and a nice, delicate silver filigree decoration. It comes in 3 colour options.

Miamai Mainstore


A sheer elegant dress, with a sexy sheer and laced bodice, with an elegant opening on the side, and 3 gown options.
Available in 3 colours, with the usual Miamai wonderful flexy veils.

Miamai Mainstore

Dalilah_Fashion Goth Skin

I'm really glad to show you my last skin.
It's a high realistic and extremely pale skin, with six stunning, eccentric and goth makeups.

You can try it at Miamai Mainstore as always, I hope you will like it!

Miamai Mainstore

Friday, June 12, 2009


JOY is a complete line of mix and match separated, great for your summer and joyful needs.
The sculpted silk pants, low waisted, sexy and in wonderful vivid colours, the matching soft shirts, the high heels made of wood and stones, the sweet set composed by necklace-belt-bangles, made of wonderful shiny stones.
Everything at your service for a great summer look, with a sixties taste, without loosing the sexy touch we love.
A must have.

Miamai Mainstore

The sun is shining and the weather is hot? Nothing best than this sexy outfit, composed by matching top and skirt in pure and precious silk, available in 6 colorful versions.
The jeweled top and the fancy design of the skirt make it a great choice also for the mix and match.
Miamai Mainstore


Imagined as the "lite" version of Black Dalia, a sexy and original piece of city couture.
An extremely sexy and elegant outfit, composed by a sequin and lace shirt with a nice cross effect, a sculpted shoulder decoration, and silk pants with sequin decoration.
It's goth, it's fashionable, it's opened to your styling fantasies.

Miamai Mainstore

The New AD for Miamai

...not so much to say...should speak by itself (lol)

Black Dalia

A killer beauty...this fascinating sequin and silk dress is ready for you, to ehnance your charm and sensual power.
A touch of gothic, precious sparles and sequin ruffles for this back opened, laced dress, that comes with a sirena skirt and sculpted sleeves.
The sculpted hair is included, too.

Miamai Mainstore

Arcadia Pants

Sculpted short silk pants, shiny and fresh, in vivid colours, perfect for any look, from neko to classy.

Come see them at Miamai Mainstore

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sakura Mavi

I'm a lover of japan, and I adore the cherry flowers, Sakura in japan.
That's how this dress was created, with that wonderful and delicate flowers in mind.
SakuraMavi is a cute and comfortable spring-summer dress, composed by a jeans swimsuit and a flexy jeans skirt with sculpted and hand painted sakura flowers on it.
A wonderful addition to your closet, a piece of couture great to go for the summer days at the beach, but also for the hot shopping days :p

I dedicated it to Mavi Beck, a wonderful model, a sweet friend and a great source of inspiration for my creations.

Miamai Mainstore

Time for the Art! ^_^

I wanted to share some of my SL art with you :P
This time is not about clothing creation, but about photography.
Being a digital painter, I sometimes enjoy to take pics of people and places in SL.
model: Ashianty Shepherd

model: Dea Ninetailsmodel: me :p

I also somethimes accept to be hired for portraits, if you ask nicely :p

Check also Miamai Flickr, if you want to see more.

Monday, June 1, 2009

June Group Gift

Oh yes! Time of the new group gift!
It's summer... the sun shines and the new adventure are waiting you!

June Group Gift is waiting for you in Miamai Mainstore.
A sexy 3/4 silk pant and top for her, and an unisex short jeans pant with a pirate on the back.
Ready for your summer adventures :p

You can get it by wearing your Miamai Tag and clicking on the sign in the gift area (in front of the tp point).
If your slots for groups are full...don't worry! Click on the subscribe-O-Matic panel and wait for the gift deliver!

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